Precision GAGAN enabled GNSS Handheld


Built rugged, Dustproof, Waterproof, and Shockproof handheld field computer with precision GNSS systems integrated with it, provides the power of computing in the field, where the action is happening.


It has a high speed processor, higher memories, and a large screen for graphical presentation of the locations of points of interests on a map. The device combines the functionalities of a Smartphone and the power of a Laptop on the field itself. Providing photo capture, a high yield GNSS receiver, and integrated GPRS and cellular modem and voice call capability options, the SXtreo T51B handheld is the perfect solution to increase the productivity and communication capabilities of your field workforce.

Satcom GNSS



  • Rugged design to withstand dust, water, tumble, and accidental fall
  • Precise GPS through Multi-GNSS and GAGAN correction
  • Ease of use with intuitive mobile GIS application SXgeo
  • Real-time 1-3 m accuracy
  • Centimeter-level accuracy after post-processing
  • Geo-tagged photo capture
  • Pendrive ready USB 2.0 port
  • Long battery life with 8000 mAh battery
  • Large 5 inch screen for mapping and GIS data acquisition
  • Easily Import & Export your KML, Shape files, Raster images and in all popular vector and raster formats
  • One-Click data capture, waypoints, tracks
  • Sophisticated Data Dictionary
  • Made In India

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