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Launching AlertWear for
Social Distancing Alerts and
Contact Tracing at Workplace
to help businesses open and operate during unlock phases

Two pronged strategy to ensure business continuity even after lockdown

  • Social Distancing
  • Contact
BBX T19 Wearable

AlertWear Multiple Options for Wearable


AlertWear Wearable

Prevention Guaranteed, Return to Work with Confidence


Social and Physical Distancing Alert

AlertWear Social Distancing Alert Based on BLE Sensors

It is now important during Covid-19 pandemic, during the unlock period, that physical distances are maintained and both the workplace is safe from possibilities of infections.

As the Government of India declares Do gaj ki doori hai jaruri, keeping a distance of two meters between each other keeps everyone safe. Here AlertWear, created, conceptualized, designed, and made in India in our Bangalore Labs, provides exactly what you need - Do gaj ki doori!

Whenever two people wearing AlertWear comes near to each other, and the physical distancing norms are violated as per WHO standards, there would be an alert to both through a LED visually and through a vibrator, as a haptic response.

Contact Tracing With Data Storage

How AlertWear Works in Contact Tracking

AlertWear can sense another AlertWear when the two are less than 2 meter distance, which is defined as a social distance violation for spreading Covid by WHO. AlertWear has its internal memory where it keeps all the data of all these physical distance violations. It records the data of all violations of social distancing norms. Using a Mobile App all these data on social distancing violations can be later pulled out and analyzed to ascertain who all are at risks.

This Contact Tracing system is unique as you don't need to continuously monitor the movements and keep abreast of all the alerts.

All the Do Guj ki doori violations are recorded inside the AlertWear device itself for later analysis, information for required precautions.


AlertWear Mobile Application

Locate and monitor your employees and team members who are at risk

Why Choose AlertWear Wearable Solutions?

Social Distancing

Social DistancingSocial distancing Alerts for proximity
of other persons

Contact Tracing

Contact TracingContact Tracing Data Storage

Data Storage

Data StorageInternal Memory for Data storage


BluetoothCommunication through Bluetooth Low Energy


BatteryReplaceable battery lasts up to 1000
Social Distance Alerts

Mobile App

Mobile AppMobile App for Configuration Sync and Share


WaterproofWaterproof Splash Proof


CertificationsROHS, EMI & EMC, IP 65 Certifications

Technical Specifications


Bluetooth Version Support5.2


Overcome Passive EavesdroppingAES128, AES256, ECC, SHA & Random
Number Generator Cryptographic Features


Overcome MITMUsing LTK


Pairing Methods for LE Secure ConnectionsJust Normal Pairing,
MITM Based Passkey

Addressing Method

Addressing MethodFactory Programmed 48 Bit IEEE Static Address


Long Battery LifeReplaceable Coin Battery

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AlertWear Wearable

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