Smart Grid Monitoring System

NB IoT based Smart Grid Monitoring


Smart Grid Monitoring System


  • Monitoring of the health of the transformers in real time.
  • Monitoring of the Poles and High Tension Towers.
  • Greater resilience, improved reliability for everyday operations.
  • Increased sustainability through additional clean and energy-efficient resources.
  • Superior flexibility to respond to the variability and uncertainty of conditions at one or more timescales, including a range of energy futures.

Sxtreo helps the utility clients realize more value from their transmission and distribution operations by adopting smart technologies and sensor network. The crux of the smart grid is the ability to communicate the state of the system from the sensor network. This would be an integrated dual network system. One network will represent the power system, and the other will represent an advanced communication network.

A smart grid will need real-time analytic engines for analyzing the network, identifying the current state and condition of the system, predicting what may happen.

A critical facet of the smart grid is an enterprise geographic information system (GIS) that provides the tools, applications, workflows, and integration ability to support the smart grid.

GIS will help manage data about the condition of utility assets. After parts of the system go into service, utilities must manage the system through the collection and maintenance of asset condition data. Some condition data can come from automated systems, and other data can come from inspection systems. Utilities are rapidly adopting GIS-based mobile devices for inspection and maintenance. Enterprise GIS, with its desktop, server, and mobile components, allows utilities to gather condition data.


Sxtreo Smart Grid helps you in

  • Asset performance management.
  • Advanced maintenance strategies/condition-based maintenance.
  • Asset modeling and information governance.
  • Enterprise geographic information system (GIS) and enterprise asset register based on enterprise asset management (EAM).
  • EAM-GIS and smart grid integration.
  • Mobile asset management.

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