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Sxtreo Engineering Team is spearheading the product design initiative in Space technology and IoT in India. Combining sensor based data acquisition with satellite positioning data, Sxtreo unearths interesting data patterns through its interactive Mobile Apps.

Building value in business and life by ANSWERING Where – Our team passionately continues the pursuit of excellence

Sxtreo products and solutions leverage the power of Sensors, Internet of Things and Satellite Based Positioning to deliver critical information for the following sectors


Connecting Workers

Connecting Logistics

Connecting Assets

Connecting Space




Black Box IoT

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Research & Development

Sxtreo technology focus is on combining the information emanating from sensors with positioning data to provide a three dimensional information system to be used in various scenario’s. Such information is made available in an analytical format through a series of Mobile Apps and Cloud Servers.

The Sxtreo R&D team is an intelligent mix of Hardware Designers, Satellite Positioning Experts and Software Engineers for Cloud and Mobile Apps. The vibrant team is already credited with developing and bringing to market multiple products in the exciting field of IoT and positioning.


Intelligent IoT Devices from Sxtreo


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