Mobile GIS

Mobile GIS Solution for on field GIS using Enterprise GIS Data


Mobile GIS


Mobile GIS ON FIELD GIS functional features allows to Migrate, all required Enterprise GIS data, toposheets, satellite image to GPS enabled Hand Held supported Mobile GIS – Move To field – And

  • View GIS layer and Zoom to queried spatial object of interest.
  • Create Edit Analyze spatial data on field.
  • Sync changes when connected.
  • Offline on field ground truthing, where maps or imagery is field- or site-checked for validating or Updating.
  • On field add spatial layer, locate point spatial objects of interest update while inspecting assets, followed by integration of this information with spatial databases.
  • On field create new spatial layer, digitize spatial object, add data, take geotagged snap and save to sync with spatial database.


User Benefits

  • On field, error free spatial data update.
  • On field informed decision making by decision makers.
  • Increasing the accuracy and validity of GIS database created on field.
  • Reducing project cost and production time.


Solution Component

  • SxGIS – A smart mobile GIS APP.
  • SxGIS Desktop – A solution for migrating Spatial data to and from Enterprise GIS setup.
  • SXtreo – An unique rugged hand held GPS enable device platform.

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