Jido - Internal E-Lock for Logistics Container

Remote Controlled Cargo Container Door Lock

  • High security keyless cargo door interlocking mechanism
  • Internal Motorized Electromechanical E-Lock
  • Strong Rigid heavy duty
  • Completely access proof
  • Suitable for Harsh environment conditions
  • Sustainability against frequent – repeated locking and unlocking operation
  • High resistance against heavy duty and slash and grab attacks
  • Icebreaker for Refrigerated Trucks-Trailers
  • Lock pin withstands 20000N bending force
  • Operational temperature: -30oC to +80oC
All Weatherproof Rugged Device
Fast and Easy Installation
Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
Built-in Sensors
Built-in Large Memory
Cargo Safety
Seamless Connectivity
Know Your Container From Anywhere

Jido Device

Why Jido Internal E-Lock

Cargo theft is the biggest challenge in supply chain system. Good on transit are always under risk of theft. Cargo theft not only causing direct monitory losses but also it has a huge impact on the complete Supply chain resulting a difficult situation to manufacturers, suppliers, terminal operators, third-party logistics providers, and logistics & transportation providers.

Cargo theft happens everywhere, every time between source points to destination. Cargo theft causes problem in all industries, business and customers globally. Cargo theft being around every industry, around the country and along with all the transportation modes, companies need to take due care to prevent thefts. Many preventive measures are taken to prevent cargo theft time to time.

Primary reasons of cargo theft is due to low-security levels and a lack of effective cargo trailer door locks. Strong rugged and heavy duty, High tech internal cargo door locking mechanism with IOT enabled controlled and monitoring system is can be a useful solution to prevent cargo theft.

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