Quarantine Monitoring



Track and Monitor Body Temperature of your People, Your biggest Assets

9trax is a wearable, GPS based tracker, with sensor-based temperature reporting, to be used by your people, with alerts for any febrile conditions. It is important that your people are healthy and stay healthy. It is also important that your people are protected from any cases where one of them violates social distancing norms and turns to work, infecting others. It is now imperative that for safety, precautions are implemented and body temperature is one most important parameter to monitor, to get alerted for any untoward incidents.

9trax provides the following features:

  • Real time location tracking
  • Body temperature monitoring
  • Single-touch SoS
  • Emergency calling from device
Dust, Water and Fall Resistant
Track a Person, Vehicle or Asset
View Route on Google Maps or Google Earth
Portable Design
Light Weight
Emergency Alarm


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9trax is put on by people who work at your office, your premise, your industry. The location and body temperature of the person is transmitted in almost real time to the monitoring and tracking centers with alerts for any febrile conditions, for immediate attention.

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