GPS Container Tracking Device

GPS Container Tracker, Long battery life


GPS Container Tracking Device


There are more than millions cargo containers throughout the world with ocean liners, with long-haul trailers, with railways, in the cargo handling areas of sea ports, airports and logistics hubs. The loss of these containers and a lack of asset visibility creates a sever blow and badly affects all the whole the supply chain – from shippers to the receiving companies. As a result, shipping containers attract substantially hiked insurance premiums, and the reputations of the companies involved can be damaged. Sxtreo can help your business streamline its container tracking requirements whilst offering real time visibility anywhere on earth while significantly reducing the cost of operations.

Remotely monitor the fleet components in real-time on a graphic or synoptic interface. Get in complete control of your logistics, the visibility of the containers, and data analytics.



  • Reduce operational cost by increasing asset visibility.
  • Real time cost-effective tracking in the event of theft or loss of container.
  • Long life Battery – runs into 7-12 days.
  • 15000 – 18000 mAh battery.
  • GSM (Dual SIM).
  • Internal GPS antenna.
  • AGPS Support.
  • IP 67 rugged, tamper proof.
  • Casing is totally tamper proof and sends an alert to server if there is an attempt to break open.
  • Cable seal for device to prevent easy tampering with the device.
  • The information about container being tracked broadcast to web portal.
  • Tracking using Mobile Apps.
  • Dual charging port for permanent and standby power in.

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