Connecting Workforce - solution for tracking and monitoring field workers

Safety for Remote Field Workers

Magikk is the industrial IoT wearable device that helps you to have a connected workers system. Magikk comes loaded with multiple sensors and voice alerts for industrial usage. Combining sensor data with satellite positioning it ensures that every step of the worker is in full visibility of the Command and Control Center and the Safety Officers.

Widely used for all Lone Worker scenario’s as in Pipeline Monitoring, Rail Track Monitoring, Airport Tarmac Inspection, Construction sites, Industry premises or Bridge Monitoring, Magikk Wearable for Connected Workers acts as a first responder system. Press a button and it sends out all information in form of voice or data allowing the organization to act quickly and decisively.

Magikk seamless connects with enterprise systems. Magikk Mobile App is available for visualization and monitoring on the go.

EHS Compliant Safety & Disaster Management Wearable
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Magikk Wearable for Workforce
Locate your field workers and share instructions most economically
Portable Design
Light Weight
Emergency Alarm
Dust, Water and Fall Resistant
Track a Person, Vehicle or Asset
View Route on Google Maps or Google Earth


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