Magikk - Offender Tracker

Magikk – Offender Tracker

  • Geofencing allows to mark zones and send notifications in case of zone breach
  • Water resistant for use outdoors and in the shower
  • Built-in Accelerometer sensor for more accurate data about movement
  • Instantly sends the notification when the bracelet has been breached
  • Quick notification to call in case of emergency
  • Additional sensors support which increases the accuracy of the Home Zone
Real time monitoring
4.0 + LE support
RGB LED, Vibration
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
SMS feature

Magikk – Offender Tracker

Our first wearable device is designed for an easy and effective quarantine monitoring, offenders monitoring and traceability. The identified Home Zone and Geofencing does not let the person leave the place without getting tracked and noticed. The accurate and live monitoring allows to receive an immediate notification, whether the person has removed the device or left the Home Zone. Also, this device is comfortable and easy to use, with the water-resistant case it is suitable for outdoor activities and use in the shower. Moreover, the handy alarm button is always there to call for help, in case of emergency.

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