Magikk - LoRa GPS Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor for Lone Worker

GPS Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor for Lone Worker

Tracking your daily activity

  • Step/Calories/Distance monitor
  • Heart rate information
  • Skin temperature

Monitoring with Alert Features

  • Outdoor geo-fence
  • SOS for cloud platform management

Using Application

  • Health Care
  • Team Management
  • Group Tracking
Tracking your daily activity
Monitoring with alert features
Support BLE function
Support GPS function
Watch, Alarm with vibrator and buzzer
Heart Rate Monitoring

Magikk compatible with Helium Network

This is a wearable with BLE/ GPS/ LoRa® functions.
Small groups can keep contact with each other easier in a wide range of active areas based on GPS satellite positioning and LoRa’s long-distance transmission technology (Up to 10+ KM) to integrate the mobile app and cloud application.

Built-in optical heart rate monitor module. Easy to show your heart rate status when you want to know It uses motion filter to remove motion signal from PPG. Heart rate is easily to figure out in filtered PPG.


Accuracy (Based on HRM Module)
± 3 bpm in rest
± 10 bpm in motion (< 10 KM/hr)

Support BLE function
Link distance: 10M

LoRa transmit distance: 1-3 KM
Open Space: 3 KM
City: 1 KM

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