Magikk - 4G Mini Tracker

Magikk-4G Mini Tracker

  • Low power sensors and BLE Beacon support for various use cases
  • Dimensions only 44x43x20 mm. It can be easily hidden and work for long hours
  • WEB FOTA – Manage and update your devices in a web-based portal
  • Real time monitoring of employee location
  • Easy to reach alarm button, instant messaging in case of emergency
  • Automated emergency alarm for no movement scenarios
Real time monitoring
4.0 + LE support
RGB LED, Vibration
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
SMS feature

This is an autonomous personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity

Magikk 4G Mini Tracker is an autonomous personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. Our mini tracker is designed for the monitoring of people, pets and cars. It can also be applied for employee control, security staff at the sport events and other use cases to ensure security and control. IP67 waterproof case provides convenient usage, even in harsh conditions. The large battery‘s capacity expands the application range where long battery life is needed. Also, this supports firmware and configuration update via Fota WEB.

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