Disaster Management Wearable

Wearable Technology for Industrial Disaster Management and Safety with EHS Compliance

Occupational accidents cause physical harm to impacted employees and financial harm to employers. The most effective protection against occupational accidents is the proper usage of wearable sensors.

Professionals working in high-risk industries like manufacturing, construction and oil, energy or gas favour using wearable sensors to mitigate the risks of hazardous incidents in the workplace.In recent years, advances in wearable technology have taken safety management in new directions. With sensors embedded inMagikk safety managers can gain a great deal of information, from the location of the worker, to how long the person is on duty to any cases of sudden or accidental fall down.

The two-way communication capability and location detection using Magikk IoT wearable device is useful in any industry that employs remote workers. Industries, such as mining, where fatigue is an issue, have also found them to be useful. Railways and Oil & Gas utilities have found that it is now easy to monitor the safety of the remote workers 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

With a dedicated SoS button and a call button Magikk provides a live communication between the head office and the field.

In addition, by implementing Magikk IoT wearable device, the safety managers would be able to achieve the requirements for EHS compliance.


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