Why Rugged


What is meant by the IP 67 or IP 68?

IP stands for Ingress protection. The rating has two numbers.

The first number defines how much is the protection from fine solid particles. The higher the rating, the protection is higher. Highest rating is six (6), which means even the very fine dust particles floating in the air can not enter the device, and can damage it… [Read More]

Around 75% of all survey data are fake or fudged, how can you use technology to overcome this menace Is your survey data authentic? Re-defining survey operations in India

Any development work in India needs a budget, and a budget needs a detailed project report and a plan to substantiate the spending. The primary data for a detailed project report is captured through survey, and there is every possibility that this data is incorrect… [Read More]

Geo-Enabled Data With Rugged Handhelds For India

Data is overwhelming. Information is not. Insights are still lesser.

A huge amount of data is collected, spread, shared, and published every moment. Most of the time this data is collected, collated and viewed in formats, and with the attributes, which render them almost useless.

Consider for example, you would like to gather survey data on a market in mind. You would like to understand how much your product is being sold in a particular city… [Read More]

Rugged Computing For The Rugged India

Tablets are in fashion now! Everyone is having one. Even the government and its agencies are throwing all their weight to procure tablet PCs for the work they have been doing to automate the processes, and improve the efficiency.

The biggest challenge the Government faces, is how to monitor the progress of the work it has assigned. It is extremely rigorous to employ another set of supervisors just to monitor the work, and this is not a fool proof system either, as it has been the experience of us, without exception… [Read More]

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