Cloud-based Precision Geospatial Agri Decision Support System Improve faster decision making


Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing Image Analysis (RSIA), Global Positiong System (GPS) are employed in various projects to generate spatial information while Modeling and Simulation is the basic tool used to understand and predict biophysical and socioeconomic processes together with outputs of the systems being investigated.

SXagro is a significant tool to help the nation manage its land and soil resource sustainably, restoring their productivity for future generations. Information include land use, drainage, weather forecasts, soil type, soil depth, and soil chemical properties and recommendations for each type of land use.

Experience the transformation in Agriculture. Reduce risks, improve bottom line

Using GIS in the visualization of the results and developing user friendly graphical interfaces by incorporating analytical models our multidisciplinary research unit has developed SXagro, an SDSS (spatial decision support system) specific to agricultural needs for the Indian subcontinent

Disseminate real time advisories Realize potential and maximize profitability for the farmers

  • Design and build spatial databases for agriculture and natural resources planning and management.
  • Design and implement customized decision support systems based on ArcView GIS.
  • Integrating remote sensing, image processing, GIS and GPS for land use system analysis and land evaluation.
  • Crop yield prediction and crop management strategies using crop modeling and simulation in combination with spatial information.
  • Electronic Pest surveillance and management systems.
  • Field level data collection and reporting using specially manufactured rugged handheld devices, SXtreo.
  • Crop coverage geospatial information for immediate advice and attention.
  • Application of watershed models in predicting runoff and sediments.
  • Agroclimatological data monitoring and analysis.
  • Technical advices for various software used in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource Management.
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