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Smart Forestry


SxForesty, the mobile GIS solution from Stesalit for forestry facilitates the data collection and data maintenance for the forest assets from timber, encroachment, forest fire, poaching to ecosystems.

SxForestryapplication software provides unmatched data acquisition reliability under forest canopy when used with SXtreo GNSS receivers.

  • 1. Asset Mapper GIS boundary mapping of assets (Point, Line and Polygon) Record Asset Details with formation year, present condition, department, class and category with Geo Tagged Asset Pictures
  • 2. Project Area Identifying proposed area for asset creation using GIS survey Geo Tagged photo of the proposed project location Starting point for new asset creation
  • 3. Forest Patrolling Daily Patrolling activity performed by the forest field officials Records the coverage over the forest area through patrolling and geo tagged pictures Maximum speed bound for on foot patrol and mandatory picture after certain distances
  • 4. Incident Reporting Record various incidents (Wildlife Depredation, Wildlife Vulnerability, Illicit Felling, Illegal Poaching, Encroachment and Forest Offence) Record incident data with geo tagged pictures and location(GIS) data for the incident point
  • 5. Automated Forest Fire Response Automatic detection of forest fire points provided by FSI and real time distribution to the respective jurisdiction level through SMS. View the Fire points for the particular jurisdiction on Map. Navigate to the point with track of the path taken to reach the fire point for response. Automatic real time detection of fire point attended status to the concerned authorities when fire point is attended. FSI Pre Fire warning notification and view on Map.
  • 6. Forest Block Survey GIS survey of forest block area based on forest block pillars Marking of Forest Block boundary with geo tagged forest block boundary photos
  • 7. Forest Rights Survey Forest rights to allocate forest land patta to Individual, Community or Community Forests GIS survey of the allocated land with Geo Tagged Pictures of boundary points and boundary data
  • 8. Encroachment Report illegal encroachment activities on field with geo tagged photos and location.
  • 9. Wildlife Vulnerability Report incident that might cause animal death / injury in future like telephone line sagging / electrocuted of fencing etc.
  • 10. Animal Death & Injury Report animal death and injuries incident with geo tagged photos and location of the incident.
  • 11. Seizure & Raids/ Forest Offence Monitor Report seizure/raid activities inside forest with detail of seized items collected with geo tagged photos and area of the seizure.
  • 12. Illicit Felling Report illicit felling like plant/tree cutting inside forest area with geo tagged photos and location of the incident.
  • 13. Wildlife Depredation Report wild life attacks with probable cause with geo tagged photos and location of the incident.
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