Building IoT Infrastructure for a Smarter World

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Smart Bin Sensor


IoT Smart Bin is equipped with sensors that send real-time data of how much trash has been filled. By using our online dashboard, And SWM department would be able to locate the smart bins installed across the city and track the volume of trash filled. This saves time, effort and cost as all bins do not need to be checked manually. The route will be optimized using maps integration.

Using ARM Cortex M based LPC11xx controller is 32 bit, flash memory ranging from 32kb to 512kb, memory interface is 128bit it is a very tiny and low power device It is a full speed device with multiple UARTS, SPI, SSP, I2C and on chip SRAM memory ranges from 8kb to 40kb, various 32 bit timer, single or dual 10 bit ADC, PWM channels, also it have many GPIO lines with nine edge or level sensitive interrupt this will makes the system which suitable for the high end application Ultrasonic sensor: HCSR04 is the sensor used, which will sense the various levels of the trash in and sends the data to the server HC-SR04 provides between 2cm-300cm. It has non-contact distance sensing capabilities, ranging accuracy up to 3mm, module comprises an ultrasonic transmitter, GPRS receiver and a control circuit.

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