Building IoT Infrastructure for a Smarter World

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Post Processing Rover System


Now you can replace your costly, high-priced, high-maintenance DGPS systems with SXtreo Post Processing Rover Systems Sxtreo T51B. With its built-in post processing capability you would get centimeter-level accuracy after post processing.

In addition, by combining multi-GNSS receivers with a large number of channels attaining high level of availability of constellation of satellites the accuracy is increased manifolds. Precision is further enhanced with GAGAN corrections.

Industry 4.0 Gateway
SXtreo IoT Gateway is a smart, modular, customizable, multi-service advance reference design Platform for Internet of Things. It is targeted
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Magic formula Shortcuts to Business Only the Experts Know
The Organization Mistake You only understand what you expect from the purchases. Now there is and a new trading investment
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IRNSS SatCom Terminals
SatCom Terminals Stesalit is developing the SatCom Terminals based on IRNSS from ISRO, with collaboration with Space Application Center, ISRO,
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Magic formula Shortcuts to Business Only the Experts Know
The Business Mistake Only you understand what you anticipate from the investment strategies. Now there is fashionable new trading investment
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