• Rugged Handheld GPSfor Satellite Navigation- Sea, Land, Mountains

    Dustproof, waterproof Handheld GPS

  • Below cm level accuracy

    Real time 1-3m Accuracy

  • Leading Innovator in GPS Handhelds in India


    Bluetooth Precision GAGAN Enabled GPS Dongle with 1-3 m accuracy
  • Rugged Field Computer with GNSS

    1-3 m GAGAN enabledGIS Data Collector

  • Web GIS & Enterprise GIS Software

    Web GIS & Enterprise GIS Software for GIS Data Collection & Editing for Survey

  • Personal Tracker

  • GIS Data Acquisition

  • Product Range

    Made in India GAGAN Enabled Precision GPS Range
  • USB GPSUIDAI Certified Aadhaar GPS Dongle for eKYC

Accuracy of


Affordable Accuracy

Sxtreo range of GPS solutions are compatible with SXgeo Mapping & GIS software, giving you a choice of Positioning, Navigation, GIS data collection and asset management software solutions with a variety range of price points and form factors.

With an integrated multi-constellation, high-sensitivity GPS receiver, we have designed SXtreo devices in multiple form factors to maximize yield of positions in difficult environments such as under forest canopy and in city areas with high-rises. Sxtreo GNSS handhelds can achieve 1 to 3 meter positional accuracy in real time with its integrated SBAS (GAGAN in India) receiver. When higher accuracy is required, the field data collected with the Sxtreo handhelds can be post-processed with the SXgeo technology to achieve below 1 meter accuracy.

GIS Data Collection, maintenance and editing Application

Complete survey management software for Mapping and Geomatics with post-processing for increased accuracy. Create projects and customized forms for survey, analyse and manage survey data and operations in real-time. Use pre-loaded base maps or add new survey area base maps in the devices. You can easily post-process data for increased accuracy.


Sxgeo Mobile Mapping System

A product of years in research at Stesalit Labs, both Sxgeo Mobile Mapping system and Sxtreo GNSS devices have several competitive advantages in terms of GNSS capabilities, on the fly mapping and handling of geo-databases on field. The entire suite of products has won multiple awards for its innovative design approach.

Ease of use, efficiency and productivity are the hallmark of SXgeo, it enables you to carry the existing GIS data out to the field for updates and edits, ensuring your GIS is up-to-date and has the most accurate information.

Relief Layer Basemap for Mobile GIS
Vector Layer with Attributes for Mobile Mapping
Basemap for Marine Navigation
Skyplot with GAGAN SBAS, Multi Constellation

About Sxtreo

SXtreo rugged durable handhelds are engineered with enterprise-grade security and can withstand drops, spills, dust and grime to perform in the toughest environments. Rugged reliability, low cost of ownership and locally available services and training are just a few of the reasons why Panasonic is the first choice for the users. In today’s business environment, staying connected in the field is no longer just an added benefit. It is the current standard for running a business.

That is reason more and more enterprises are investing in enterprise mobility with the reliability and world-class wireless performance of SXtreo handheld computers that feature embedded Wi-Fi and optional embedded wireless mobile broadband, delivering the “always on” connectivity demanded by the hectic, mobile lifestyles of today’s workforce. More…

Designed, developed, and manufactured by Stesalit in India, Sxtreo has become the default choice for customers in India.

Some of our clients
  • Dept. of Forestry, Govt. of Odisha

  • Dept. of Forestry, Govt. of Chattisgarh

  • Dept. of Forestry, Govt. of Tamil Nadu (through ELCOT)

  • Dept. of Forestry, Kaziranga, Govt. of Assam

  • Dept. of Forestry, Govt. of Delhi

  • National Bureau of Soil Survey & Land Use Planning

  • Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL)

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