Jido Sxtreo T63 GPS Container Tracker

Jido SXtreo T63 is an IoT based tracking and asset management application, with enhanced functionality, easy installation, for a wide range of container and asset tracking applications.

Intelligent T63 GPS lock is equipped with IP65 enclosure for dust and water protection, tampering detection mechanism, and durable long-life battery to run for more than a month without charging.


  • A stand-alone unit operated by rechargeable batteries
  • Fast and easy installation – Simply attach with the lock and fix on the magnetic mount
  • Easily configurable – with different kinds and types of sensors – temperature, humidity, light, door
  • Geo-fencing – Easily create geo-fences, stops, schedules, zones – provides you intelligent reports on when the shipment has entered or left a certain location
  • Built-in accelerometer – Keeps you about sudden changes in movements and provides related alerts
  • Built-in Memory – Provides you location data for the time and region when the shipment was out of coverage
  • Connectivity – Has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, can latch on to the WiFi of the Ships during deep sea transport
  • Web-based system – Easy map based system you can view and get reports from through your own browser and Mobile Apps
  • Routes and Trips – Easily create routes and trips for the shipments and containers

Connecting Logistics – ensuring end-to-end visibility


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