Jido Sxtreo T63 GPS Container Tracker

Jido T63 E-Lock is an intelligent GPS lock device for asset management system which supports online (remote) and offline keyboard unlocking.

Jido SXtreo T63 is an IoT based tracking and asset management application, with enhanced functionality, easy installation, for a wide range of container and asset tracking applications.

Intelligent T63 GPS lock is equipped with IP65 enclosure for dust and water protection, tampering detection mechanism, and durable long-life battery to run for more than a month without charging.


  • Global roaming (Optional) Seamless global coverage makes the device always stay connected
  • Environment detection (optional) Add on environmental sensor can help acquire temperature, humidity and pressure data
  • Magnetic mount Strong magnetic cover allows for flexible mounting on vehicles or assets
  • Automatic mode switching With gyroscope & G-sensor, the device can change to land, sea & static mode automatically
  • Container door close/open alert Get instant alert when your container’s door is opened unexpectedly
  • Built-in Memory – Provides you location data for the time and region when the shipment was out of coverage
  • Highest level Security to protect your cargo –Designed to unlock by RFID/remote password/ SMS / BT instead of key. The main feature includes remote online unlock by system and dynamic password from APP. After gaining of dynamic password, it also supports offline keyboard unlock, which can solve password-receiving failure or unlock-failure, multi-level protection using complex algorithm, Camera based monitoring for any tamper
  • Large capacity battery, long working time.With a 18000mAh Li-ion battery fully charged, there is enough power for 3 months tracking without thinking of recharging
  • Built-in wireless communication module, real time online monitoring
  • Built-in GPS module
  • It is tailored for outdoor use with IP67 rating (dust- and watertight) and working in both hot humid climate or in dry freezing cold weather. Various alarms notify you if people try to open the container without your permission
  • Safety control, unauthorized unlocks, string-cut, consecutive wrong password and a low battery alarm to notify you when battery is running low on power
  • The separating lock-rope design is replaceable for optional length, multi-door and fully covered door, which can prevent illegal dismantling
  • The device can be used for tracking containers, trailers, vans and other types of trucks

Connecting Logistics – ensuring end-to-end visibility


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