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GAGAN enabled GPS Industrial Magnetic Asset Tracker

GAGAN enabled GPS Industrial Magnetic Asset Tracker

“Magnetic GPS, in a small but rugged form factor. Ideal for the traffic violations. The GPS when attached to a vehicle that has violated the traffic rules would remain attached and would continue to send the location of the vehicle to the administration trying to locate the vehicle.
Ideal for military use when attached to an enemy vehicle it would transmit its location continuously.Magnetic GPS Tracking devices are used everyday by Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Employers, and even suspicious spouses. Whether you suspect your spouse is cheating, wandering to places you wish they weren’t, or suspect your employees of misusing company assets, purchasing a magnetic GPS tracking device has never been easier or more affordable.
You can use your magnetic GPS tracker for cars, trucks, personal belongings or high valued assets. Best used when hidden beneath vehicles to benefit from real time GPS tracking device technology to keep track of all your cars and know where they are at all times in question.”


  • Covert tracking at it’s finest
  • Surveillance
  • Locating enemy vehicle
  • Locating traffic rule violating vehicles
  • Magnetic GPS
  • Portable GPS
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged
  • IP68
  • Shockproof

GPS Asset Tracker


Magnetic GPS


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will be available for delivery during late 2017 / early 2018

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