Around 75% of all survey data are fake or fudged


Around 75% of all survey data are fake or fudged, how can you use technology to overcome this menace Is your survey data authentic? Re-defining survey operations in India

Any development work in India needs a budget, and a budget needs a detailed project report and a plan to substantiate the spending. The primary data for a detailed project report is captured through survey, and there is every possibility that this data is incorrect.

The survey data is normally collected using a handheld GPS with pen and paper. There is no scientific way to check if the data was actually collected from the field, in the present processes. In addition the data captured in pen and paper has to digitized, and this data entry process is error prone. Naturally, in most of the cases huge budget outlays are spent based on incorrect base data.

To ensure the primary data is authentic, the best scientific way is to use a survey process that eliminates all possible ways of incorrect data at the point of data collection itself.

With new technology like SXtreo the surveyor captures the GPS location from where the data is collected. The GPS data includes the time when the data is collected. In addition the surveyor captures the photo or video of the location, which validates that the surveyor actually went to the place to collect the intended data. The data can’t be tampered inside the SXtreo devices. Also there is no need to carry pen and paper, as all the data is collected in the SXtreo device itself, however lengthy it is, and then transferred to the database system directly. Consequently, there is no possibility of errors creeping in while the data is digitized.

This is the first time one can rest in peace about the field data collected through survey, using an SXtreo device, much more than a GPS. Improving the quality of base data, building in the authenticity at the point of data collection itself completely re-defines the survey, and builds in authenticity to the whole process, thus improving decision making, planning and budgeting.

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