Building IoT Infrastructure for a Smarter World

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Agri IoT Kit

  • A. Real Time Sensing of Critical parameters affecting the crop output on as demand basis through intelligent sensors.
  • B. Optimal control of agricultural inputs backed by remote analytics
  • C. Continuous advisory on crop health and parameters through a mobile App
  • A. Prevent unforeseen crop loss
  • B. Increase crop yield
  • C. Increase bottom line by providing simulation for optimal usage input items

Intelligent Agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT) is the next revolution in Agriculture and will significantly change the way farming is done today. It is now proven that better access to data on real time, such as, Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Air Temp, Humidity, N,P, K and pH and other micro-nutrients ensures informed decision making for the farming practice, thereby achieving

  • 1. Quality Crop Output
  • 2. Optimal Use of Water
  • 3. Optimal use of Fertilizers & Pesticides
  • 4. Increased Bottom line
  • 5. Reduced Uncertainty and variability of produce
Agriculture IoT
Integrated Crop Health Monitoring Solution has the following components: Drone for collecting near real time field image for generating crop
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Precision GNSS Handhelds for Survey
For your low cost survey with geo-tagged photo capture, asset mapping and GPS data point collections using Made in India
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Telemetry Products
Low-cost Telemetry Receivers
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GPS Container Tracking Device
GPS Container Tracker, Long battery life There are more than millions cargo containers throughout the world with ocean liners, with
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